OceanWaveTech helps you understanding how your websites and digital platforms are behaving to guide you on how to improve their revenue and performance.

Data and Analytics can be a valuable business asset that will improve business decisions, drive digital business transformation and generate new revenue for your organization. OceanWaveTech can support your business in collecting all relevant data and using them to transform your revenue flows and get closer to your goals.

Monetising your presence on the web as an additional source of income is also a skill that OceanWaveTech can provide, helping you transform your intangible assets in a passive form of funding.

Data Analytics and Monetisation go hand in hand, but are two separate matters.


Most website owners make use of Analytics tools. How well they do it and how well they use the subsequent information is another matter. OceanWaveTech can support in setting up the relevant analytics and use the output to benefit you.

Website Monetisation

Website monetization is the process of converting existing website traffic into revenues. There are several way to monetizing a website, but the most typical are Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Impression (CPI/CPM) advertising. The two main metrics that matter are “Fill Rate” and eCPM.

Lead Generation can also be a tool to monetize web traffic.

Website Analytics

There are several analytics tools on the maket, each with its own characteristics. Google Analytics is the best know amongst them. They are web analytics services to provide statistics and insights on performance and users behaviours to help improve marketing and tech related achievements. They are used to track website performance and collect visitor insights, such as user traffic and behaviours, barriers and funnels, track goal completions, discover patterns and trends and obtain other visitor information such as demographics.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Networks connect websites, publishers, blogs and more with businesses looking to promote their products or services on the web. Advertising Programs are platforms you can use to make money on web content. There are a significant number of them, but the most popular ones are AdSense and AdWords. They are all tools used to monetize your web content and they can be integrated with your website, blog, video and amore.

Auditing, Review, Diagnostic

OceanWaveTech can Audit and Review your websites and platforms, to provide insights on how to improve their performance and revenues, down to the details. Such outcomes will enable you to improve, grow and increase your profits and returns, and expand your goals.

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