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Benefits of Fresh Leads: How Old is Old?

Sales teams are the fuel of any organization. All businesses rely on sales to survive and grow. We could talk all day about marketing qualified leads (MQLs) or sales qualified leads (SQLs). But first lets get leads and prospects on our desk.

But How Old is Old?

Is simple: leads and prospects lists are old  when the information they carry is no longer up-to-date. Not only such lists are not useful as you will try to reach out to non existing people, mails and phones, but you can get marked as spammer if your bounce rate is not were it should be.

Indeed, you probably do not have a lot of information beyond name and email address in such lists, although you can only ask professionals to enrich them with more data.

Still, such lists are very useful when accurate and up-to-date, checked and verified as they will give you a plethora of potential customers to engage and qualify more in depth though your activities.