Content Marketing

Digital Content Marketing is an integral part of any digital marketing venture. OceanWaveTech expertise and skills can be of use to achieve your goals.

Content marketing is a strategic approach aimed at creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. Your content needs to reach your audience in a way that feels natural via channels such as social media, blogs, websites, podcasts, apps, press releases, print publications, and more. However, content on the web is picked and ranked by artificial intelligence agents of the search engines, and therefore such content needs to take care of such matter as well. There are several forms of content marketing and we can help in guiding you.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing strategy used to attract, engage, and retain an audience by creating and sharing relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and other media. This approach establishes expertise, promotes brand awareness, and keeps your business top of mind when it’s time to buy what you sell.

Digital Content Marketing

Digital Content Marketing relies both on good visuals and design as well as clear messages. Quality content is essential to capture your audience. However needs to be scripted both for the human being and the algorithms of the platforms, with specific rules in place, and needs to be relevant and specific to the targets. OceanWaveTech trains and mentors you to self-serve, as well as delivers and tunes appropriate content to your specific needs.

Identify your audience

A marketing target audience is a defined set of people that is the target of your specific content marketing activity. Understanding who such group is, how it ranks, how it would react and where or when, their demographic, their cultural and bias backgrounds and more are all aspects to be considered within the relevant strategy to engage them. A content marketing target audience is specific, not generic or too wide and blurred.

Determine formats and Channels

Google opened its first office in the UK in 2003. Content distribution channels are the channels through which to distribute over the web, share and promote the content part of your marketing campaign. Such channels depend on the target audience and size of investment, resources available. But great content is a worth very little if your audience is unaware of it. Content distribution is an integral and extremely important part of your content strategy.

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