Digital Marketing Strategy

People across the world are benefitting from OceanWaveTech Digital Marketing Strategy expertise and skills to achieve their goals in a structured and planned way.

A Digital Marketing Strategy is a detailed action plan that helps your organization achieve its goals through digital channels. OceanWaveTech delivers in depth Digital Marketing Strategy plans and roadmaps tailored to your specific needs, goals and products or services, both nationally and internationally. OceanWaveTech has a comprehensive approach, involving an assessment and diagnostic phase, competitors’ analysis, target markets analysis and selection, best routes to market, A/B testing tools and strategies to enable a planned route to success.

Digital Marketing Strategy

OceanWaveTech has a proactive, analytical and data-driven approach to marketing and communication activity across all channels and touchpoints relevant to promote and sell via the internet.

Digital Auditing, Review, Diagnostic

Our Digital Marketing Strategy starts with an Auditing phase, including a Review and Diagnostic, to understand the details of the status quo and highlight weak and strong point to address or leverage. The Diagnostic would normally include performance analysis both at technical level, such as page speed, content analysis and ranking, backlinks and more.

Digital Strategy and Road Map

A Road Map with a clear and detailed Action Plan are two elements that will sit on the drivers’ desk, to help implement the subsequent steps and monitor their progress accordingly. They will detail the needs, goals, budget and path, together with the tools and actions needed to implement them, as well as the relevant KPIs needed to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of the business digital journey.

Digital Marketing Research

The Digital Marketing Research analyses the potential target markets, both horizontally and vertically, by sector, country, technology demographic and more, in order to select the lowest hanging fruits or the best options to be digitally successful in growing and stabilizing the business. It involves a proactive analytical approach, data-driven, leaving the rule of thumbs to others.

Competitor Analysis

OceanWaveTech analyses the competition under several aspects, including specific markets and activities and behaviours. The Competitors’ Analysis is extremely useful to benchmark performance, potentials and check strategies, tactics and tools applied by the main competitors in the digital world.

A/B Testing

OceanWaveTech does not stop at the surface. A/B testing, also known as split testing, means experimenting different and parallel solutions and tactics splitting your target audience to test a number of variations of a campaign or a digital marketing activity to determine which performs better. This is a proactive set of initiatives aimed at constantly improving the outcome of any digital marketing activity based on facts rather than guesses.

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