Graphic Design

As always the first impression matters but it is not enough. OceanWaveTech skills will merge Creativity and Tech mastery to serve you the best solution.

OceanWaveTech blends Creativity, Design and Technology offering Graphic Design compliant with the technical needs of the web. The look and feel needs to harmonise with the marketing goals and targeted demographics and prospects.

Designing a logo that looks great is important. Having it aligned with the vision and mission of the business is another matter. Making it effective is even more important. And so the website layouts and user interfaces, or the mobile world and apps.

Images, Videos, Colours and Styles, Fonts, as well as all visual content and features have to be aligned, appealing and performing.

Graphic Design

Creativity and Design impact performance, SEO and marketing goals. It is not enough to have something good looking or appealing on your website to achieve success. A harmonic mix of highly visual and tech savvy elements drive success.

Web Design Services

The structure and deployment of the website, the logos and all visual elements and blocks, images and videos, ease of navigation, mail templates and social media presence are all influencing the outcome of your digital venture. They need to be coordinated and effective, but also performing well. OceanWaveTech will support you in those aspects, taking care of the details.


A good logo is distinctive, appropriate, easy to remember, simple, and it conveys the brand message in the most direct way possible. It means that it has to have the right shape, colours and tones, proportions and a lot more. Of course it also needs to be trendy and up-to-date with the present values and beauty concepts within the target markets and audiences.

Creativity and Performance need both to be present, not only visually but also technologically, automatically adapting to the different digital environments and devices.


Digital Graphic Design

Creating graphics is about imagery consistency visuals fully aligned with your brand and mission. OceanWaveTech can assist you with as little or as much of your graphics design strategy as you may need. A review of your current digital presence with subsequent design activities to improve your performance on the digital sphere and visual impact could help you increase sales.

Visually stunning branding will need to maintain consistency, meaning and clarity.

Web templates Customisation

Having a website is important. Chances are that a having a strong presence online will be strongly advantageous to your business. But all websites are not born equal. They also need to be dynamic and adaptive to the different devices, laptops and mobile alike.

Creating a Strong First Impression builds Trust as it could impact on the user perception. Good design Makes You Stand Out and stick to the mind of the viewer. It is therefore a Long Term Investment that will last for years.


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